Our veterinarians offer a wide range of surgical services from spays and neuters to mass removals. We have two state-of-the-art surgical suites and skilled surgical teams to ensure your pet gets the best care. Pre-surgical bloodwork is preformed to check your pet’s complete blood count and their kidney and liver values prior to surgery. For our older patients, we often recommend pre-op chest radiographs to assess their lungs and heart health. During every surgery, a dedicated technician monitors temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, ECG, respiratory rate, and CO2 level during the entire procedure. Your pet is anesthetized using an injectable anesthetic as well as Isoflurane gas, which is safe and effective. Once the procedure is complete, our surgical team monitors your pet for several hours during recovery. At time of discharge, our surgical technician will meet with you to go over home care instructions and answer any questions you may.