Feline Arthritis - Furry Friend Friday

I'm Alex Steiniger. If you're a cat owner and your kitty is starting to slow down a little bit, it could be due to arthritis. But don't worry because Dr. Megan Gibbings of West Coast Animal Hospital is here to help. It's great to see you, doctor. So I actually didn't know, I'm sure other people are the same way, that cats could actually get arthritis.

What are some of the signs to look out for if a cat is slowing down a bit?

Yeah, Alex, it is very common. Most people aren't aware that our kitties can develop arthritis just as commonly as dogs do when they get older. Some of the signs that pet owners might look out for is a cat may be hesitant to jump on or off of tall objects, or they can have a bunny hopping gait when going up and down the stairs. Thankfully, for our feline patients, there's a new breakthrough therapy available to treat arthritis.

What can you tell us about this new treatment?

The new medication is the first FDA-approved treatment for arthritis in cats. It's called Solensia. It's a once-a-month injection that's given by your veterinarian. It's what's called a monoclonal antibody drug, which targets a very specific signal present in the pain pathway of osteoarthritis in cats. Monoclonal antibody drugs are very safe, in general, because they're not metabolized by the liver or kidneys, and so we can use them in our older feline patients who may have other underlying health conditions.

Where can they go and get this treatment for their cat?

At West Coast Animal Hospital, we were part of an early experience program, and we were able to start treating our feline patients this past August. However, the drug is now available through all veterinarians nationwide. If you have an older cat who you think may be experiencing symptoms of arthritis, I recommend setting up a consultation with your veterinarian to find out if Solensia would be a recommended treatment for your cat.

Thank you so much, Dr. Gibbings. Great information.

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