Pandemic protocols are now in effect

Open 7-days-a-week with new pandemic compliant operations

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With the evolution of the COVID-19 virus, we are adjusting our daily operations to accommodate both CDC recommendations and the recent stay-at-home order announced by the State of California on March 19th. As of now, veterinary care and all healthcare services provided to animals has been identified as an essential service by the State of California.

Under this new guidance, West Coast Animal Hospital will maintain 7-days-a-week operations with new pandemic compliant protocols which are as follows:

  • Aggressive sanitation protocols
    • Exam rooms fully sanitized between appointments
    • Routine cleaning of high touch surfaces
    • Readily accessible sanitation station and supplies
  • Social distancing
    • No wait time, customers and patients are immediately escorted to freshly sanitized exam room
    • No physical contact between customers and staff
    • Doors propped open to avoid high touch surfaces
    • High touch surfaces cleaned between customer usage
  • Customer interaction mitigation
    • Any customers that feels at risk may request to have pets received by staff from their car in the parking lot
    • Drop-off exams are encouraged
  • Telemedicine
    • Established customers are eligible for telemedicine consultations with care plans implemented via drop-off appointments.
  • Workforce wellness requirements
    • Employees exhibiting any symptoms are required to stay home
    • Employees that come in contact with anyone exhibiting any symptoms are required to stay home
    • Social distancing practices enforced
    • Routine cleaning of all surfaces

We are taking necessary measures to ensure the safety of customers, staff, and pets while continuing to deliver top quality care.

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