ANNOUNCEMENT: We are in the process of updating our wellness plan system. New wellness plan subscriptions are temporarily unavailable. 

Provide the best for your pet with a convenient, low monthly payment. Our Pet Care plans cover core services and products, including wellness visits, wellness blood work and heartworm test, intestinal parasite test, and flea, tick, and heartworm protection.

If you are already enrolled, please take advantage of the wellness services that are included in your plan! If you are not currently enrolled, read below to learn about all the wonderful benefits our dog wellness plans offer. Planning for your pet’s optimal health has never been easier.

Please note the following: Annual preventative diagnostic tests have specific protocols for administration in terms of timing, many of the tests must be performed together. Consult your veterinarian or call for details. Due to supply chain constraints, flea, tick & heartworm prevention is dispensed in 2-month batches.