Canine Influenza Update

There has been another case of Canine Influenza or “Dog Flu” reported in Los Angeles last week. The source of the outbreak is currently unknown. A dog living in San Gabriel Valley developed a cough late July after being boarded. The dog was seen by his veterinarian on July 31st even though he only had mild signs of illness. He was tested and came back positive for H3N2. At least 11 other dogs at the boarding facility developed coughing and were quarantined.

What can be done? We are recommending that dogs who frequently interact socially with other dogs at boarding facilities, day care, or public parks be vaccinated with a bi-valent Influenza vaccine which covers both strains H3N2 and H3N8. Initially, two vaccines should be given at 3 week intervals, then boostered yearly.

Most dogs are highly contagious during the 2-4 day post-exposure incubation period when they are not showing signs of illness. However, dogs infected with H3N2 should be considered contagious for up to 30 days and should be kept isolated at home and away from other dogs for at least 40 days.

If you suspect your dog is ill or may have been exposed to the Canine Influenza virus, please contact your veterinarian immediately for testing and treatment.

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