In general, parking shouldn’t be much of a problem and you should be able to find a spot the primary parking area below marked as area A. However, Ballast Point is only a few doors down so parking can be a challenge during happy hour! This guide walks you through the convenient secret parking areas close by.

Area A – This is the main lot and is the most convenient.

Area E – These are the emergency spots if you are in a rush. Right out in front of the entrance to the hospital are two handicapped spots if you are having a medical emergency. Additionally, in the back of the hospital are a couple of parking spots if you don’t mind entering through the back door.

Area B – Mollie street and the San Diego Humane Society have ample parking and are a quick 60 second walk if your furry companion is healthy enough.

Area C – This is WCA staff and overflow parking.

Area B

Area B includes street parking on Mollie and the back lot for the San Diego Humane Society. The quick walk to the hospital as shown below.

Area C

This is staff and overflow parking. The Office Depot parking lot is huge and underutilized. An alley connects that lot to Metro Street making it accessible from Linda Vista Road. For your safety when crossing Linda Vista Road, please use the cross walk at the Napa intersection.